Just a heads up

Neozoic 5 is coming out this month, so be sure to call up your local comic retailer to reserve a copy!

In other news, Korim and I will be heading down to the Toronto Comicon on July 12-13 and the FanEXPO on August 22-24. No idea where we're sitting just yet, but be sure to look out this table easel with the issue 6 cover on it.

EDIT: Hold up! I got something better instead! Take a look at this -

What do you guys think? Should hopefully make it easier for people to find us in the crowd, yes yes?

In any case, I just remembered Scott Wegener from Atomic Robo's going to be coming up for the Toronto Comicon as well. It'd be great if the convention staff had our tables next to each other. Then we can call our tables the official Red 5 booth! Except we've only got Atomic Robo and Neozoic issues to hand out. Heehee.

#06 Cover

By far, the best cover we've done yet.