Free Comic Book Day 2008

Ok, I've got this all figured out. On May 3rd, next Saturday, I'll be hitting up The Beguiling, The Labyrinth and The Silver Snail, in that order, for Free Comic Book Day. Not sure where my buddy Korim's going but I'll see if we'll meet up at the same places. If there are any Neozoic comic fans in the GTA, I look forward to possibly bumping into some of you ;).

So far I managed to dig up a few reviews of Neozoic #4, here they are if anyone's curious in reading some:

IGN [editor's choice baby!]

Comics and... Other Imaginary Tales
The Pullbox/Heroes TV

Just several hours ago I got a a huge package from Red 5 that had 40 copies of every Neozoic issue from 1-4, I'm still waiting on #5 but since it's not printed yet it'll have to come later. Thankfully they're all relatively in mint condition, being protected by pads of newsprint in a cardboard box inside a cardboard box. I'll be selling those at the Toronto Comicon, and if I have leftovers, I'll probably bring a bunch over to Otakon 2008 as well ^^.


Retrospect on issue #05

If #05 could be summed up in one word:

So I managed to find a final lettered version of issue 5 on the FTP where we stow our work files, good chance that it's the preview file that will be sent around to a bunch of reviwers interested in giving it a look-see. I flip through and I do my usual self-depreciating-artist routine thing that plenty of artists do. Seeing the book as a whole with the lettering made a world of difference to me as opposed to just seeing them page by page in the order I worked on them. Truth be told, I'm still not used to it heheh.

I figured out how to do the night scenes but they're hell on my eyes. When I wake up and start chipping away at them in the mornings, I percieve the colours differently than I did the night before. [Blasted sunlight! I shake my fist in anger at youuu~!] I couldn't tell if the pages were too bright, too dark, not enough saturation or whatever until the sun rose a little higher outside.

Think it turned out well enough. I got to switch the colour palletes around for the night scenes, messed with fire effects, and light-filtering-through-tree effects. Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention:

NO DINOSAUR STAMPEDE ORGY~~!!!!!! At least... Not on a ridiculously epic scale like issue 3 or 4.. Painting dinosaurs at night time was a lot more fun this time around because you can have their eyes all glowing and stuff as they're hiding in shadows. It's all very "Peekaboo I see j0000~!"... sorta....

Oh before I forget, if anyone wants to spoil the premise for issue 5 for themselves, here's the link. I mentioned before that issue 4 takes off mere seconds after issue 3. This time several hours have gone by since the dinos were doing their best Godzilla tapdancing impression with their friendly neighbours, the humans. Imagine the aftermath of something like that yeah? Dinosaurs tapdancing on your roofs? Gotta be winning material right there.

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Neozoic 4 previews

You want 'em? You got 'em!


Comics Continuum does it again

Not that it should be any surprise at this point, but they got themselves an early hardcopy of issue 4 and decided to scan the first 6 pages or so. [Careful, they're a lil dark.]

If anyone here doesn't mind an early spoiler for about a fourth of the book, then by all means feel free to check it out. It'll be some time before Red 5 busts out the official previews for their next issues, I'll keep tabs on when those come out and post them here.


Bits and Bites

Still tinkering away at Issue 5, we'll be done with that soon. Worked out most of the night lighting problems that cropped up. Paul hit us up last week with this piece of news: Diamond wanted the cover for the next issue done by the 7th for their Previews magazine, which is today. Of course we pretty much dropped everything to get that outta the way.

This morning I got two words in Paul's email:

I can safely say #6 has the best cover we've done to date.

In other news, Red 5 Comics wins Diamond's New Publisher award!