FanEXPO day one-three!

[Edit 18.10.08]
Forgot to throw in some photos I took of the whole event, so here they are!

It's been crazy sitting in the same area as J.Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes and Tim Sale. The people traffic was through the roof for all three days. Would've been nice if all the Red 5 guys could sit with us but ah well. Maybe someday.


So Friday's come and gone, but overall was pretty chill.

High points:
- pretty much broke even
- met old friends from previous conventions
- Curry's Art Store gave us some free art swag
- Korim and I did an impromptu interview on camera with FanEXPO staff
- took a photo with J.Scott Campbell
- grabbed two of Adam Hughes' new sketchbooks, the ones left over from the mad rush at SDCC

Low points:
- Liana K didn't seem to be around FanEXPO today, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was too busy to attend
- I got lost around the harbourfront area this morning
- the convention was not in the MTCC's North building, but in its South building [up 3 escalators, 5-10 min trek in the skywalk, down 4 escalators]
- con food sucks, not a single decent place to get grub in a 1 block radius so I had to walk a couple blocks further to find food

[I'd upload some pics, but I'll wait till all 3 days are done before I do another one of those compilation photo commentaries.]

Time to pass out, g'night everybody!


FanEXPO countdown

Time flies wayyyy too fast. T-minus 7 days till FanEXPO hits downtown Toronto!

As it turned out on this PDF of the floor plan, it looked like we ultimately didn't get that bonus guest booth BUT we still have a spot in the Independant Press/Artist Alley area and on the FanEXPO listings for "Special Guests".

You can find J.Korim and myself over at table A28!

We're just behind the cluster of DMF, Marvel, and G4 Tech TV booths. Be sure to look out for this lovely piece of table display and the stacks of Neozoic comics we'll have piled up on the table for your perusal. Fingers crossed we'll also have our early copies of issue 6 to display as well.

According to the map, we're also just a tiny skip away from comic giants J.Scott Campbell and Adam Hughes - *doubletakeWHAAAT?!

I'm looking forward to meeting those guys at Udon Entertainment again, I haven't seen them for aaaages! I missed Jo Chen at Otakon, but at least Alvin Lee will be around for FanEXPO XD~

Agh, so exciting, this year is gonna be awesome!


I made a small surprise visit to Otakon just last weekend and peddled Neozoic issues 1-5 and our FCBD special with Atomic Robo. I didn't expect to find comic fans familiar with Red 5 walking around the Artist Alley, but they seemed pretty happy about picking up a bunch of FCBD issues that their retailer ran out of or didn't stock back in May.

There were plenty of OOOHs and AHHHHs when con-goers were flipping through pages, but I had something else on hand that made them go completely ballistic:

I included a 5 page sneak preview of Neozoic #6 in my pop-up portfolio, everyone made happy stank faces at a certain double page spread that looked as if it'd come out straight from a videogame concept art book [best analogy I can come up with].

By Sunday afternoon, all my Neozoic issues were GONNNNNE.

Comic fans I'd tend to think are hard to please in general, but if they like what you have, they'll always come away from your table all happy and super lit. I think that's one of the best kinds of compliments an artist can get.