I survived Toronto Comicon, and all I got was an Atomic-Robo t-shirt.

Everything you need to know about my two days at Toronto Comicon is in the image below:

[Horrible photos and LOLZ-inducing narrative deftly written and edited by moi.]

Toronto Comicon was fun. Short. But fun.

Met shitloads of artists and con goers, most of whom were very nice and generous people. Met a TV personality and didn't know about it till I Googled her. Liana K co-hosted a show with ED THE SOCK. That's so awesome.

Sunday morning sucked for me though. Woke up at 6am. Got to the train station at 7am. Found out the trains wouldn't run till 9am, so I was stuck out in the drizzling rain zoning out with a mp3 player for 2 hours while dying for some form of caffiene.

My badge kept falling out so much I swore it was prejudiced against asians. At least until someone kindly handed me some duct tape, and some wine gums. Yum.

Over the weekend I yoinked an Atomic Robo trade from Scott Wegener's table, and later on grabbed one of his t-shirts for twenty bucks. I didn't go around asking for autographs or sketches from some of the big artists wandering around like Greg Land or Joseph Linsner, but I did get to shoot the breeze with them for a bit.

There was a Women in Comics panel that I missed the intros for, at first I was paranoid it was going to be some sort of feminazi schtick, but I was surprised at the boozing and schmoozing going on at the hotel bar and grill. While I was there I had a Sling and a Mike's Hard Lemonade, nothing crazy as I had to be sober enough to make the 2 hour trek home on public transit.

Now that it's all over, I'm fried and happy. Now to get busy on the last half of Neozoic #6!