Retrospect on issue #8

Shyte. It's done. IT'S DONE. NEOZOIC 8 IS DONE! That was the most amount of YELLOW I've put into a comic. Ever. And it's the damn prettiest issue I've slaved over all year to boot.

Dinosaur stampede orgy was in full effect when I got to work on 'em, I'm happy how they turned out by the time I was done. It's like you can reach out and touch them and come back with a few digits missing! Or something like that.

Thankfully there wasn't an insane amount of debris I had to flat like in issues 3 and 4, but then there were a small handful of crowd scenes I had to wrap my head around.

There was some blood in this issue, and I almost wished for more until I remembered Neozoic was supposed to be PG-13. [Darn it!] There was one fight scene that made me go all "OOOOUUUGH" looking at it, sure it had a little to do with shish-kabobing living things but if I were to so aptly describe it, it'd be the term "marinating".

Some of you guys might get what I'm talking about once you read the issue, heck, I'm sure you've seen it happen at least a couple times by now. Yum... Food analogies.

On a completely different note, this blog design is really starting look old. I'll probably have to start working on a new layout soon enough. Wish me luck in figuring out all that CSSery.


Jim said...

Your colours are stunning!

madine said...

nice blog